Christmas Abbott’s 20-Minute Total-body Circuit for a Sleek Physique

Christmas Abbott

Per Bernal

Tired of cycling through the same old routine? Wake up your workout with this high-energy circuit from Christmas Abbott, trainer, CrossFit competitor, and author of The Badass Life and The Badass Body Diet. Abbott, who has inspired thousands of women to be more confident about what their bodies can do for them, says this routine is one of her favorites because it’s fun.

“I like to keep things moving, and this program does just that,” she notes. “The movements are all dynamic and interesting—there’s no way you’ll get bored.” Because you primarily use your own body weight for resistance, you can also do this circuit routine anywhere, anytime. The exercises are all designed to work multiple muscles simultaneously—just as in life. “In the real world, we don’t isolate muscles to move, so there’s no reason you should do that in your workout,” Abbott explains. Adding in some high-intensity jumps and lifts also means your heart rate will skyrocket, so you’ll blast more calories while building lean muscle, all in just about 20 minutes.

Do this circuit two times through in the order given and you’ll finish feeling strong, sweaty, and totally satisfied with yourself.

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